Many years ago, in the dark ages of the world wide web, life online was much simpler. Websites were plain vanilla. Very little was expected other than some words and a few photos. It was basically a brochure that you viewed on your screen.

Little by little, things changed. The speeds got faster and websites became more complex. Massive numbers of photos, video clips, and online shopping. Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were emerging.

Smartphones were born. Tablets became prominent. Website designers could easily be overwhelmed at the new options at their disposal.

Today you still can build simple website with little or no programming skills. But building more complex sites you will need help with the behind the scenes programming. While we are of likely going further in depth than most, sometimes we must rely on assistance also. In most cases, it’s really just a matter of finding the right “add-on” package to help complete your website. In a few cases, we must seek out answers and rely of the expertise of others.

The Internet is ever changing and not going away.

While WIN Publishing recognizes its own limitations, we feel strongly that our 22 years of web development experience can help you get the best Internet solution for your organization. We would love to discuss with you the options available at you convenience. Give us a call today.